Pessi Rautio The Editor-in-Chief of Taidelehti (Finlands biggest art magazine): extracts from the book Places For Being Happy:

“That is why Märkälä’s method of painting, reminiscent of expressionism (one of the centres of which Berlin happens to be) is consistent; the thick, almost edible, colour in her paintings manifests that the painting is not trying to hide in the background. The paint as a substance, the form of which reveals the speed in which it was spread, manifests in every fraction of a second of the viewing session that what we see here is a part of the world reconstructed with paint, possibly improved: witness the miracle of the illusion. The magician shows her tricks, and, oddly enough, this is exactly what makes the trick so impressive, as in puppetry when the puppeteers are visible “.

“Paintings created in a studio may contain several layers that the viewer knows nothing about; in the bottom there may be, for example, bursts of frustration familiar to everyone, forming a base for the landscape. Märkälä wants to paint, to bring out the good on the top, so the process must end in something hopeful, full of oxygen and life, light, even what is beautiful “.

“To Märkälä, the world includes objects, good ones that simply must be depicted through painting, not least because they make such good paintings”.

Maaria Märkälä is a Finnish painter. She lives in Espoo, works in Helsinki and travels to discover inspiration. Daily she drive her bike to her Helsinki-studio at Cable factory. Her work of arts are in several public and private collections in Finland and abroad.

During year 2016 her work is granted by Finnish Cultural Foundation.