Liane Chu
Liane Chu

Liane Chu is an artist from Hong Kong, who have lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York and learned to draw and paint since the age of 3 from a well-known Artist CoCo Tsai.

After moving to Shanghai Liane continue her artistic career by traveling as she received her diploma in Barreiro, Valencia academy of art in just one summer at the age of 13 and completed a drawing course in the Dong Hua University at age of 14.

In 2013 Liane moved to New York and was expose to many art scenes as she lived on Museum Mile at the upper east side and have had the opportunity to learn art and gain knowledge both history and creation of art. She also completed a drawing course in Parsons school of design and was recognized by the teachers and student.

Liane Chu creation are inspired by nature and philosophies. Her unique patterned style painting can be seen in many art movements such as abstract, expressionism and contemporary art. Liane Chu uses various style such as ink splash, drips and unique mediums such as crackle paste give movements and dynamic into her paintings as she views her works as simple yet with depth and meaning.

“If a Tree Fall” collection is based on George Berkley philosophy ” If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?” which tells us the reality of not everyone will know what is happening around us. There is different perspective in viewing situation and works.