I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1970. My passion for photography began while attending Social Communication College at UFF in 1988, I continued my studies at the New York Institute of Photography, graduating in 2014. I ended up pursuing a career as an Art Director and Creative Director for major advertising agencies like ALMAP/BBDO, Publicis and Giacometti. Among other accomplishments, I have won several awards including Cannes Tribute and have had several campaigns published in the prestigious German Design Magazine, Lürzer’s Archive. All my art works are at

Jan-Ken-Pon (Artist Statement).

I am a storyteller. And JAN-KEN-PON is a story of this series of images inspired by the universal children’s game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” where outcomes are determined entirely by chance, luck or fate. These “PhotoSculptures” approach the game from a different perspective, freezing the rock, paper and scissors in time, and giving viewers the choice to either ignore or follow the rules. they are invited to participate in the story and decide the fate of the rock, paper and scissors. For these brief instants, fate is in our hands. Or maybe not.

Group Shows:

02/2015 – “Sala de Embarque” – Rio de Janeiro

03/2015 – “How do you do New York?” – New York

07/2015 – “Panor’Almas” – La Vitrine A.M – Paris

08/2015 – “Fusion XII – Infused” – Art Fusion Galleries – Miami

12/2015 – “Art Basel Miami Beach” (Satellite) – Art Fusion Galleries – Miami


02/2016 – “Ressonâncias” – Rio de Janeiro

09/2016 – “Zone Brésil(s)” – igreja Notre Dame de Quilly – Normandia

09/2016 – “Open Art Code” – Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Awards and Mentions

2016 Best Guest Artist – AJAC exhibition – Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Magnum Photography Awards 2016 – Top-rated entries

LensCulture Emergent Talent Awards 2015 – Highly-rated entries

One Eyeland 2015 – Fine Art Bronze Awards