JUSSARA SANTOS 17/04 – 09/05/2021 virtual

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Date & Time
17/04/2021 - 09/05/2021
12:00 am

AVA Galleria



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Adhesive Art has a much greater pledge than just to make play a reality; than to occupy the mind; than to be an exercise in patience and creativity. It has a duty and an obligation to educate.

I have been developing this technique with leftover cuts of adhesive vinyl since 2011, shaping them into a patchwork to create large, medium, and small artistic panels.

I have been an art practitioner since my youth, initially creating airbrush painted t-shirts along with some of my brothers. In the 1980s I went to work in a studio in São Paulo, where I learned how to make props using the papietage technique. And I started to create works mixing papietage with painting. As a result of this, I went into specialized painting, making murals and painting directly onto objects.

I was born in Brazil, in Caicó, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, an arid region, also known as Seridó. It is part of the Sertão region, and it brings me memories that take me to different real and imaginary worlds. I develop my art, using paint brushes, cuts of adhesive paper, brooms or my own hands, this delights me and smothers me with my essence as a native of the Sertão. I let this transpire in the colors, in the musical influences, in the family tales and in the pilgrimages to places and to known and unknown people. It emerges spontaneously and takes on forms and movements of unbalanced harmonies, cycles, inventions, and deconstructions. In the end there is always a beginning because energy is what makes me become reborn in every moment in my art of Being from the Sertão.

When I received the following message, I felt fully understood. It entered my soul as an artist and Sertão native completely:

“Jussara Santos’s art is the purest magic, as if one painting fitted into another and continued indefinitely, without obligation or limits. In her art, she shows herself to be full of desires, means, good or bad “modi”. Jung and Nise da Silveira, if they were alive, would undoubtedly explore her archive with great interest. They would see in it the soul of this wonderful artist from Sertão who also embraces the cosmopolitan world. Jussara Santos has an unrestrained urge to express herself and free the animals within! Animals that mix with people, places and non-places, resulting in aesthetically mind-blowing creativity, both voracious and beautiful to see and to have. The walls take on a life of their own with her works, commanding the gaze of all those who walk by them, as if they were hypnotized.”

I am a citizen of the world. I lived in Rio de Janeiro for several years, have taught courses in various parts of our country, have held exhibitions in Italy and France and I returned to live in Natal in 2018, bringing “Adhesive Art” and the project “Fé na Paisagem” (Faith in the Landscape) to Brazilian lands.

But what do I really do as a visual artist? My art is also linked to something which is so good for planet Earth: recycling. I reuse disposable materials (using the technique with adhesives), to create a new way of showing landscapes and everyday occurrences, of the intuitive experience of my artistic experience.