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Date & Time
19/06/2018 - 08/07/2018
6:00 pm

AVA Galleria



“Years ago I was awarded a grant and stay in one of the studios at Nordiskt Konstcentrum, Suomenlinna, as Norwegian representative. The meeting with Finnish art and culture, also with other Nordic artists whom I later exhibited together with, gave a strong resonance to places and landscapes that I, from early childhood, had seen through my inner eye, and since then tried to recreate through my works.” Calina Pandele Yttredal

As we celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations between Norway and Finland in 2018,  we present the solo exhibition «At this Moment» by Norwegian visual artist Calina Pandele Yttredal. This exhibition has also been shown in Osaka, Japan, and has got the addition “Part II”, which is partly due to the fact that the artist has expanded the theme with some more works for the exhibition in Helsinki. In this way AVA Galleria and the artist intend to lift the message across borders and focus on thoughts about the time we live in. This also alludes to the theme of celebrating Finland’s 100th Independence in 2017, which was “We Are Together». Among other things, nature has great importance both in Finland, Japan and Norway . Finland celebrates each year “nature`s day”,  and has seven national symbols chosen by the people from nature, associated with Finnish mythology, traditions and popular culture. Yttredal finds interesting to look at themes we find in myths and legends through today’s issues. Calina Pandele Yttredal presented her solo exhibition “Report from Parallel Realities” at the AVA Galleria, Helsinki.

“A falling flower, just about touching the surface of the water; a bird about to land; a polar bear on a tiny floe of ice; someone fleeing from a war area; someone seeking shelter in an untouched corner of the world. “Mono no aware” is a Japanese term expressing the essence of our existence. Awareness of the transience of all things heightens the importance and intensity of the very moment. We read animal and plant species are dissapearing, glaciers are melting. There is global warming, turmoil in the world. I am interested to look beyond differences, towards a common platform for people and cultures. Climate changes, cultural identity, relationship man – nature, are both universal as well as among basic Norwegian, Finnish or Japanese values. At my solo exhibitions in Osaka and Helsinki I present a new series of paintings and monoprints. I use special techniques to intensify the feeling of light, temperature,texture, movement, being in a certain place, here and now.»

Putoava kukka, joka lähes koskettaa veden pintaa; lintu aikeissa laskeutua; jääkarhu pienellä jäälautalla; joku pakenemassa sota-alueelta; joku etsimässä turvaa  koskemattomassa maailmankolkassa.
“Mono no aware” on japanilainen termi, joka ilmaisee olemassaolomme ytimen. Tietoisuus kaiken ajallisuudesta kasvattaa hetken tärkeyttä ja voimakkuutta.
Luemme eläin- ja kasvilajien häviämisestä, jäätiköiden sulamisesta. Maailmanlaajuinen ilmaston lämpeneminen, myllerrys maailmassa. Olen kiinnostunut tarkastelemaan eroja ja sen lisäksi yhteistä perustaa ihmisille ja kulttuureille.
Ilmastonmuutokset, kulttuuri-identiteetti, ihmisen ja luonnon välinen suhde, ovat yleismaailmallisia kuten myös Norjan, Suomen ja Japanin perusarvoja.
Yksityisnäyttelyissäni Osakassa ja Helsingissä esittelen uuden sarjan maalauksia ja monotypioita.
Käytän erityisiä tekniikoita tehostamaan valoa, lämpötilaa, rakennetta, liikettä, tietyssä paikassa, tässä ja nyt.

About the artist

Calina Pandele Yttredal lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Starting her art studies at early age, she has been exploring the relationship between light, colour, and space through her paintings, drawings, litographies, monoprints, lighting sculptures, public art commissions. Yttredal`s works has been shown in solo and group exhibitions both in Norway and  abroad, among others in New York, Miami, Seattle, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Osaka, Rome, Helsinki. Among art commissions she recently has completed is “Landscape of Finnmark”, mounted directly on 10 m (393,7 in) glass facade at Kirkenes Snowhotel, Northern Norway. Another work is her lighting sculpture “Seahorse” rising five meters above the ocean and changing lighting scenarios according to the changes of the water and sky in all seasons. Yttredal is the author of several books on light, colour, design, used by studens in universities.  She has received a number of grants, among others from the The Norwegian State, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and “Art and Business Award” for her lighting art commission “A One Year`s Lighting Cycle” in Oslo. She has also featured in radio and TV programs, both in Norway and abroad. Her works have been acquired by public institutions, private collectors, and are as well included in the Print Collection of Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway.