The artist Carmen Thompson lives in Rio de Janeiro where she investigates a variety of materials for the production of masks, sculptures, paintings, watercolors and drawings. Since 2008, she has experimented with etching, where she interferes subtly in the process of printing and through the use of color, in search for an alchemic opulence.
Born in Minas Gerais, by the time she was 10 she was already living in Rio de Janeiro and had started her classical ballet studies. Later she has attended modern and contemporary dance courses. So, the artist arms herself with her dance experience as an instrument of her action, in the space and on the paper. She opens the eye to possibility, unique and unexpected, at the same time continuous like the movement andpoetic like the drawing. Nowadays, the artist is in a new phase of works, whereby she handles photography as a starting point for development leading to a creative work on the captured images using digital art resources.